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Six Top Author and Book Writing Software Recommendations

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This content is about aspiring authors and seasoned writers alike understand the importance of having the right tools to bring their stories to life. In this comprehensive guide, we have curated a handpicked selection of Author and Book Writing Software options that are designed to streamline your writing process, boost your productivity, and enhance your overall writing experience. From powerful word processors to specialized writing platforms, these recommendations have been chosen for their user-friendly interfaces, extensive features, and ability to cater to various writing styles and genres. Whether you're a novelist, non-fiction writer, or a poet, get ready to explore these six exceptional software solutions that will support and inspire you on your writing journey.

Writing and publishing a book can be an overwhelming task, requiring meticulous planning, writing, and marketing efforts.

With limited hours in a day, it’s no wonder that Author and Book Writing Software solutions were created to simplify complex tasks and aid authors in their endeavours while also generating revenue.

Author and Book Writing Software

Author and Book Writing Software

The authoring industry offers a wide range of Author and Book Writing Software -based tools designed specifically for writers.

In this article, we will highlight some of our favourite Author and Book Writing Software options, each with unique features and benefits. We will delve into their usage, pricing, and more, so let’s dive right in!

Most authors have an international audience but often fail to provide links to local stores for their foreign readers. selfpublishondemandnker addresses this issue by allowing you to host your book links under a custom vanity URL.

This not only improves the click-through rate but also ensures that your readers land on the correct geographical storefront, increasing the chances of book purchases.

The best part? selfpublishondemand offers this service completely free of charge.

Word Processor: Atticus

A word processor specifically designed for book writing. Atticus simplifies the entire book-writing process by providing numerous quality-of-life features. These include

  • A book-writing goal tracking system
  • Automatic formatting settings with customizable themes or templates
  • The ability to reuse elements such as “Also Written By” sections, review pages, and calls-to-action.

Atticus offers a one-time payment option of $147, which may seem expensive at first, but it’s actually more affordable than other alternatives on the market. This payment includes all future updates, and you won’t have to worry about monthly subscription fees.

Atticus is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks and allows for exporting books in ePub, PDF, and docx formats.

Keyword Research Tool: Publisher Rocket

Author and Book Writing Software

For authors seeking assistance in book marketing, Publisher Rocket is a valuable tool. Its standout feature is a keyword research tool that scans the Amazon search engine, providing authors with unique insights.

By entering a keyword, Publisher Rocket generates additional related keywords, offering valuable information such as the average number of pages for books under that keyword, the number of competitors for the keyword, and the average price of books within that category. Publisher Rocket assists authors in making informed decisions to boost book sales.

Writing and publishing a book is undoubtedly challenging, but these Author and Book Writing Software options are here to make your journey smoother. Each tool serves a distinct purpose, empowering authors with enhanced functionality and streamlining various aspects of the writing and publishing process.

By leveraging these Author and Book Writing Software solutions, authors can overcome obstacles, increase productivity, and achieve their book-writing goals with greater efficiency.

Understanding these insights is crucial when selecting a category for your book. Consider this: while Amazon allows you to choose up to 10 categories for your book, there are over 15,000 categories available on the platform. Making the right category choices can significantly impact book sales and improve your organic rankings.

Grammar and Spell Check Tool: Grammarly

Author and Book Writing Software

Grammarly is a versatile spell-checker that goes beyond the basics.

It not only identifies common grammar and spelling errors but also provides suggestions based on the desired tone or level of professionalism in your writing. Additionally, Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker. The service has both free and paid versions, with the free version offering grammar, spelling, and punctuation suggestions.

Grammarly integrates with various platforms, such as Google Docs, email clients, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Email Marketing Tool: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that we previously mentioned in our post about email marketing services for authors. Your email list is a valuable asset for connecting with your loyal readers.

ConvertKit simplifies communication by providing an easy-to-navigate interface compared to other email marketing services. Authors can quickly create high-converting landing pages to capture emails from their audience, and ConvertKit offers numerous integrations to support your book marketing efforts.

While it may not be the most affordable option, ConvertKit is beginner-friendly and offers excellent customer support.

Online Graphic Designer: Canva

Author and Book Writing Software

With over 110 million active monthly users, Canva is a popular online design tool used by many authors to create book covers and other visual assets for their online book marketing campaigns.

Even if you have limited experience with design tools, Canva’s user-friendly interface allows anyone to create professional designs within minutes. Canva offers both a free version and a paid version, along with a free trial, so you can test its suitability before committing to a paid plan.

While the free version may have some limitations, Canva provides great value, supports collaboration and sharing, and integrates with various platforms.

Best Online Publisher: Lulu

Lastly, we recommend Lulu as a top choice for online publishing. Lulu serves as an online publishing platform and print-on-demand service catering to independent authors, presenting a direct competition to Kindle Direct Publishing. Authors have the option to select paperbacks or hardcovers for their books.

The selfpublishondemandnker and Geniuslink team recently utilised Lulu for printing our book, “Mastering Amazon Associates,” and we were thoroughly impressed with the print quality, user experience, and prompt delivery.

Although Lulu’s fees may be slightly higher compared to platforms like KDP or Ingrahm Spark, we found that the exceptional features and services they provide more than compensate for the additional cost.

Here’s what we appreciate about Lulu:

  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality printing
  • Outstanding customer service

However, it’s worth noting that the costs are slightly higher.


These are the Author and Book Writing Software options we’ve highlighted for authors:

  • selfpublishondemandnker (Best Link Management Platform for Authors)
  • Atticus (the best word processor for Authors)
  • Publisher Rocket  (the best keyword research tool for Authors)
  • Grammarly (the best grammar and Spell Check Tool for Authors)
  • ConvertKit  (the best email marketing service for Authors)
  • Lulu (the best online publisher for Authors)

We welcome your thoughts on the list and any suggestions for additions or removals.

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