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Few Tips to Writing an Engaging Book Press Release

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Are you an author who is looking for a way to promote your book? If so, then you need to write a book press release. A well-written press release can help you get the attention of journalists and readers, and help you promote your book to a wider audience. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of writing an engaging book press release. We will cover everything from writing a catchy headline to include quotes from your book. By the end of this guide, you will be well on your way to writing a press release that will help you promote your book and reach your target audience.

You’ve completed your book and are preparing to launch it into the world! After putting in so much effort to get your book onto the shelves, the next challenge is to ensure it doesn’t just sit there collecting dust.

To effectively promote your book, one strategy worth considering is to distribute a well-crafted press release. However, many authors struggle with the process of writing a Book Press Release.

To help you navigate this task, we collaborated with Marie Whittaker, a seasoned professional with expertise in publishing, authorship, and project management. Together, we will explore the essential steps to creating an impactful Book Press Release.

Let’s delve into the details and learn how to master this crucial aspect of book promotion.

What exactly is a Press Release?

Book Press Release

A press release is an official communication distributed to various media outlets for the purpose of marketing or generating publicity.

When it comes to books, a Book Press Release serves as a means to announce the launch of your book and convey important information to the public.

The beauty of a press release lies in the control it offers. You have the authority to decide what information is shared, allowing you to promote your work at any stage of the book’s development based on its relevance to the public.

There are several types of Book Press Release, including:

  • Coming Soon: This type of press release is ideal for creating anticipation among your audience when you have settled on a concept for your next book. It generates buzz and gets people talking about your upcoming work.
  • Cover Reveal: A cover reveals press release is an excellent way to engage fans and build excitement. Once you have finalized the front cover design or illustration for your book, sharing it with readers can generate enthusiasm and curiosity.
  • ARC (Advanced Review Copy) Request: Sharing advanced review copies of your book with reviewers allows them to offer their insights and opinions. Utilizing these reviews as part of another press release helps generate buzz and informs your fan base about what to expect from your upcoming release.
  • Announcing Positive Review Coverage: When your book receives positive reviews from reputable sources, it’s crucial to share this news with the public. An announcement press release can showcase favorable reviews and further enhance interest in your work.
  • Release Date: Informing your audience about the official release date of your book is a vital press release. Sending this type of announcement about six months prior to the launch helps build anticipation and allows readers to mark their calendars.

In addition to these specific press releases, it’s important to maintain consistent communication with your audience throughout the book’s development. By sending out regular updates, you keep them engaged and informed about the progress and upcoming milestones.

Finally, after launching your book, it’s essential to send out a press release to inform readers about where they can purchase it. This ensures potential buyers have the necessary information to find and acquire your book.

A well-crafted Book Press Release should include all the pertinent information that the market would want to know, ultimately helping to maximize exposure and interest in your work.

Why Authors Should Utilize Book Press Release

Press releases serve as invaluable promotional tools for authors to effectively advertise their work.

By creating Book Press Release, authors can generate buzz and initiate conversations around their upcoming books. Moreover, press releases are excellent networking assets for authors to connect with potential reviewers and industry professionals.

A pro-tip: is to always have your press release readily available, treating it like business cards by printing out multiple copies.

When attending conventions or encountering individuals who may be interested in reviewing your book, handing them a Book Press Release can serve as a conversation starter and propel further engagement.

In essence, sending out a press release not only functions as a powerful marketing tool but also as a strategic networking approach, particularly during book signings, conventions, readings, or visits to libraries.

Press releases enable authors to establish contact with magazines, publishers, and readers, ultimately driving book sales and fostering a wider audience reach.

When to Send Press Releases as an Author

Sending out press releases is beneficial at any time, but timing plays a crucial role.

The optimal time to dispatch a press release for your forthcoming book is prior to its official launch.

However, this applies when sending a single press release.

When dealing with different types of press releases for the same book, it is advisable to allow ample time between each release and the book’s launch.

The initial press release can be sent as early as 18 months before the book’s intended release date. Having a fixed publication date is not essential at this stage, as long as there is a general idea of when the book will be available to the public.

The subsequent press release should be dispatched six months after the first one. By this time, the book should already be written, making it appropriate for an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) review press release.

A “coming soon” press release should be distributed approximately eight months to one year prior to the book’s launch to generate anticipation among readers.

Respected reviewers such as Publishers Weekly and Booklist typically request press releases six months in advance.

It is important not to rush reviewers, as obtaining their feedback ahead of time allows you to incorporate those reviews into your press releases before the book’s launch.

Regardless of the stage of your book’s development, press releases hold immense value as they help shape initial impressions and increase sales through heightened exposure.

Additionally, press releases facilitate authors in building a strong social following within the writing community.

The Role of Book Press Release in Book Marketing

Book Press Release

Let’s discuss how press releases contribute to your overall book marketing strategy.

Press releases, including cover reveals, can be repurposed as email blasts or shared on social media platforms like Twitter.

They prove particularly valuable during book readings or in libraries, where unexpected connections can be made.

But how can you effectively market your press release? I’m glad you asked.

Whether your book falls under the steamy romance or hardcore science fiction genres, it’s essential to have an attention-grabbing hook at the beginning of your press release, along with carefully chosen keywords you want readers to remember.

To make your press release truly shine, infuse it with personal touches. Sign in and sprinkle in some personality so that readers can get a sense of what to expect from you as a writer.

What to Include in a Book Press Release

As mentioned earlier, a press release should feature a strong hook.

Conduct thorough research and identify keywords that will pique your audience’s interest and leave them wanting to explore more of your work.

Just as the first chapter of a good book captivates readers, think of the initial quarter page of your press release in the same way.

For your first press release, ensure it includes:

  • Hook
  • Book Description
  • Name
  • Location
  • Short Biography (150 Words)
  • Coming Soon
  • ISBN
  • A Thank You!
  • Page Count

If you have the book cover ready, include it in your press release as well.

Remember, no one wants to be faced with a wall of text. Keep your press release concise, engaging, and confined to a single page. Tailor the press release to address the specific audience interested in your work, especially when approaching different reviewers.

If you’re unsure about the content to include in your press release, Kindlepreneur offers a useful Book Press Release template to help you get started.

Press Release Syndication Services

Now, should you handle everything on your own or seek assistance from a syndication service?

It’s advisable to start for free initially. Once you have a clearer understanding of what works best for you and your work, you’ll be better equipped to collaborate with a professional contractor. In other words, gaining some experience on your own allows you to articulate your expectations when working with a service provider.

Submitting your work for review on platforms like Booklist, Kirkus, and Publishers Weekly is relatively straightforward. Moreover, conducting your own marketing research helps keep costs down.

When you have more experience under your belt, if you decide to collaborate with someone, go ahead and do it.

However, when starting out, it’s better to take the first steps independently.

Examples of Effective Book Press Release

Below, we’ll examine two examples of well-executed press releases from Marie’s clients:

  • A World Adrift
  • Passing Through Veils

Both of these press releases successfully incorporate a call to action and provide eARC files in multiple formats for easy access by reviewers.

They begin with engaging hooks, offering insights into the genre without giving everything away. Contact information is prominently displayed, ensuring reviewers know how to reach out to the publisher for further details. Clear listings of ISBNs and pricing enable reviewers to share this information on their blogs and reviews, effectively spreading the word.

These press releases are concise, focused, and effectively introduce the author without overwhelming the reader with excessive information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Book Press Release

Is Press Releases Still Relevant in 2023?

Although the term “press release” may sound outdated, it remains highly relevant today. Press releases are valuable for readers who want to stay informed about the availability of your books. Moreover, they serve as effective marketing tools for sharing on social media, presenting at book talks and readings, or simply keeping them on hand when needed.

How Can I Get an Editorial to Review My Book?

The most effective way to secure an editorial review for your book is by sending out your press release as early as possible. Allow the editorial team sufficient time to review your book, as it won’t happen overnight.

What Platform Should I Use to Create My Press Release?

You can create a press release on any writing platform, such as Word or Google Docs. Google Docs is particularly favored due to its ease of sharing and downloading.


To summarize:

Press releases are powerful marketing strategies that can generate excitement among readers and encourage them to pick up your book. It’s recommended to send out multiple press releases leading up to your book’s launch.

The main types of Book Press Release include:

  • Coming Soon
  • Cover Reveal
  • ARC Review
  • Reviews
  • Release Date

You have control over the information circulating about your upcoming book by utilizing press releases. They allow you to inform readers about the book’s content, share editorial reviews, and provide details about its availability for purchase.

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