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Does Amazon Kindle EBook Refund Policy Span 14 or 7 Days?

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Frequent complaints from authors regarding Amazon’s Kindle ebook refund policy can often be found in blog posts. The policy allows readers to purchase an ebook, read it, and then request a full refund, which some find unfair. The duration for claiming a refund is a topic of debate, with some sources stating a seven-day timeframe ...

Frequent complaints from authors regarding Amazon’s Kindle ebook refund policy can often be found in blog posts. The policy allows readers to purchase an ebook, read it, and then request a full refund, which some find unfair.

The duration for claiming a refund is a topic of debate, with some sources stating a seven-day timeframe while others mention fourteen days. The correct duration depends on the specific Amazon Marketplace where the customer made the Kindle ebook purchase.

Understanding Amazon’s Refund Policy

Amazon has established itself as a customer-centric platform, offering various policies to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. One such policy is the Kindle ebook refund policy, which addresses the concerns of digital readers worldwide.

Historically, Amazon allowed customers to request a refund for Kindle ebooks within 7 days of purchase. This policy was implemented to grant customers a similar experience to “returning a book.” The idea was to let the customer try the book and ensure it met their expectations in terms of content, quality, and readability.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Refund Policy: 7 or 14 days?

Kindle EBook Refund

As of the time of writing, Amazon’s refund policy for Kindle ebooks stands at 7 days. Yes, you read that correctly. If you purchase an ebook and find that it’s not quite what you expected, you have a grace period of 7 days within which you can return the ebook and receive a full refund.

This refund policy aims to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Whether the ebook was bought in error, or it simply didn’t meet your expectations, Amazon provides this window to ensure its customers get value for their money.

A 14-day Refund Policy

Amazon’s Kindle platform evolved and expanded its customer base, the need for a longer refund period it’s ruining authors’ careers. The 7-day window sometimes proved inadequate for readers to thoroughly gauge their satisfaction with their purchased ebooks. Recognizing this, Amazon made changes to its refund policy to enhance customer experience.

Presently, Amazon offers a 14-day return window for Kindle ebooks. This means that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Kindle ebook, you can request a refund within 14 days of the purchase date. To make a refund request, navigate to your ‘Digital Orders’ in your Amazon account and select ‘Return for Refund’ next to the ebook you wish to return.

Kindle ebook Refund terms by Country

Acknowledges that while refunds may concern authors, they are unlikely to be a common occurrence for readers. Consumer protection laws apply to ebooks as well, granting buyers the right to seek refunds for their purchases. Amazon’s refund terms state that accidental orders are eligible for refunds, and self-publishing authors may have their self-service refund option blocked if they have a high rate of return requests.

Some authors express concerns that a week or 14-day refund period is overly generous and allows readers to read an entire book before returning it. However, it is believed that Amazon’s main focus is on sales and profitability rather than intentionally disadvantaging authors. Authors often run free ebook promotions, making occasional refunds less significant.

Mindful Purchasing

While the refund policy offers a safety net, it’s best to prevent needing a refund in the first place. Be sure to read the book summary, customer reviews, and sample the book if possible before making a purchase. This way, you can make a more informed decision and lessen the likelihood of requiring a refund.

In conclusion, Amazon Kindle’s eBook refund policy spans 7 days, not 14. Being aware of this policy can help you make wiser purchasing decisions and ensure a smoother digital reading experience.

The Audible Refund Policy

Kindle EBook Refund

It’s important to note a few caveats with this refund policy. Frequent returns might flag your account, as it might be seen as a violation of their policy. So, it’s advised to use this feature judiciously and genuinely. More complaints due to its extended refund period of 365 days for audiobooks.

While expressing discontent with refund policies is valid, there is little authors can do to change them, given Amazon’s dominance and legal considerations. Different countries have varying consumer rights, with the UK, for example, mandating a 14-day refund period for online sales without requiring a reason.

Understanding the refund rights of potential book buyers in different countries may be useful, but ultimately may not have a significant impact. Authors are advised to focus on aspects within their control, such as self-publishing, book promotion, marketing, and writing their next book. Refunds are an inherent aspect of selling any product, and occasional returns should be accepted as part of the process.

Process of Returning a Kindle Ebook

Returning a Kindle ebook within this 7-day window is quite simple. Log into your Amazon account, go to ‘Manage Your Content and Devices’ section, locate the book you want to return, click on the button next to the title, and choose ‘Return for Refund.’ After confirming your decision, the refund process will be initiated.


The duration of Amazon’s Kindle ebook refund policy can be either 14 or 7 days, depending on the specific Amazon Marketplace where the purchase is made. This policy ensures a smooth and satisfying user experience. So the next time you click ‘Buy Now’ with 1-Click®, remember you have a 7-day window to change your mind, ensuring your journey with Kindle remains as enjoyable as ever.

While there may be conflicting information and varying refund periods across different countries, it is important for authors to understand and accept that refunds are a part of selling any product, including ebooks. While concerns regarding refund policies are valid, authors have limited control over changing these policies due to the dominance of Amazon and the legal aspects involved.

Instead, authors are advised to focus on aspects they can manage, such as self-publishing, book promotion, and writing new content. By investing their time and energy in these areas, authors can mitigate the impact of occasional refunds and continue to pursue success in the ever-evolving world of ebook publishing.

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