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How to Boost Book Sales at Author Events?

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If you're an aspiring writer or an established author looking to Boost Book Sales, there's no better way to connect directly with your readers than through engaging author events. These immersive experiences offer a unique opportunity to captivate your audience, share insights about your creative process, and forge a personal connection that leaves a lasting impact. By strategically leveraging author events, you can create a buzz around your book, expand your reader base, and ultimately boost your sales to new heights. It's time to seize this remarkable avenue and witness your book sales soar like never before.

We understand the hesitation. Boost Book Sales at events while surrounded by fellow authors can be a delicate balancing act.

However, when executed properly, these events can become an incredibly effective strategy to Boost Book Sales and enhance your author brand.

In both traditional and self-publishing realms, featuring works like “Carnival Charlatan” and “Off the Reservation.” We graciously share her insights with our readers.

Without further ado, let’s delve into our comprehensive guide to Boost Book Sales at author events and writer conferences.

Research the Phase to Boost Book Sales

Before embarking on any conference journey, conducting thorough research is essential. Begin by brainstorming which events align best with your book’s genre.

Ask yourself: What genre do my books fall under?

Identifying your target audience is crucial. For instance, if your book revolves around occult devil-worshipping zombies in search of brains, setting up at a church book fair may not be the most suitable choice.

To discover the ideal events, delve into online research and seek recommendations from fellow authors. It’s wise to start planning for the year ahead in December or January.

Consider these important questions:

“Do I have a single book, a series, or books spanning various genres? Different venues cater better to non-fiction works like memoirs compared to fiction. Series books tend to have higher lifetime reader value.”

“How many book sales do I need to cover the expenses of renting a table?” Don’t forget to factor in the cost of books themselves. If you have additional costs like hotel accommodations or promotional materials (swag), include those as well.

Types of Authors Events to Boost Book Sales

Book Fairs to Boost Book Sales

Book fairs are frequently held at bookstores, churches, libraries, and schools. The best part? They often come at no cost or minimal fees. Don’t overlook them if your book aligns with the venue’s theme.

Local bookstores frequently host author readings, offering an excellent opportunity to connect with booksellers who might continue promoting your work even in your absence.

For example, has witnessed great success selling memoirs and Amish Romance books at church sales. Additionally, some unconventional venues like coffee shops, bookstores, or breweries frequently sponsor book events where authors can showcase their works.

For instance, the Scareelastic Book Fair in Indiana, hosted by the Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, caters specifically to horror authors.

Conventions to Boost Book Sales

Boost Book Sales

Conventions are prime locations for authors to engage with potential readers and sell books in person. Target conventions catering to genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, or Business, as long as they prioritize fan attendance over author participation.

Remember, your primary audience consists of readers, not fellow authors. Engaging conversations with other writers can be enlightening, but may not generate significant Boost Book Sales. Conventions work well for non-fiction books or if you have a single book or series to promote.

Websites like serve as valuable resources to identify conventions that attract your target readership. Consider venues like police conventions or airshows for selling military fiction or mysteries. Penguicon, located near Detroit, serves as a remarkable convention for selling sci-fi and fantasy books.

Comic Cons to Boost Book Sales

Boost Book Sales

Comic Cons are ideal platforms for genres such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, graphic novels, and books exploring gaming, cosplay, or art.

However, they may not be as effective for memoirs or most non-fiction works. Comic cons are held in every state, with events like the Great Lakes Comic Convention in Warren, Michigan, attracting enthusiasts.

Craft Fairs to Boost Book Sales

Holiday seasons bring forth excellent opportunities for authors as people are on the lookout for unique purchases. Consider venues like the Makers Mart in Toledo, Ohio, which takes place in May. County fairs often feature vendor tents where you can rent a space. An example is the Pemberville free fair in Pemberville, Ohio.

Trade Fairs to Boost Book Sales

Trade fairs provide an ideal platform for selling on-topic non-fiction works. Specialty fairs cater to specific interests, enabling you to find your target readers. If your book revolves around American history, participating in a log home or remodeling show could yield positive results.

Similarly, if animals play a significant role in your memoir, consider attending a reptile or pet expo. For fantasy novels, paranormal or psychic conventions, such as the one held in Mansfield, Ohio, in May, can be a lucrative opportunity.

Boost Book Sales

Flea Markets to Boost Book Sales

Flea markets generally do not favor new books, as visitors often seek bargains. However, if you have used books to sell, you may find some success with new fiction or craft books. Keep in mind that flea markets won’t be your primary source of Boost Book Sales.

Meigs County Trade Days in southern Ohio exemplifies a prosperous flea market attracting bargain hunters.

Perfecting Your Presentation at Events

Now that we have identified suitable events for your books, let’s explore how to present yourself effectively.

The first tip is to ensure you appear neat and approachable, dressed in business casual attire or, if appropriate for your brand, even in a costume. Your outfit may vary depending on the event venue.

Dress appropriately for different event types. Opt for office attire at trade fairs to convey professionalism, while costumes are more fitting at comic cons.

Wear a name tag with your name and a designation such as “author” or “writer,” opting for a professional-looking clip-on or lanyard rather than a flimsy paper patch.

If you have a table at the event, make it visually appealing without being overwhelming. Keep it classy and attention-grabbing.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Use a solid-colored table cover to avoid distracting from your book covers.
  • Display a poster or banner with your name and book covers, including a QR code to your website for increased traffic.
  • Create business cards and bookmarks with links to your web pages, incorporating QR codes for easy access.
  • Use a stand to showcase books upright, allowing passers-by to see the covers, along with a stack of books.
  • Indicate that you accept credit cards with a sign, and consider using payment platforms like PayPal or Square.
  • Consider adding a raised element to your display, such as a nice crate, to bring your books closer to eye level.
  • Have spare change and a quality pen for potential book signings.
  • Prepare swag for conference attendees, factoring in the cost in your budget estimation for the event.

For nonfiction, craft, or art books, provide samples of the work or nicely framed pictures for memoirs or war stories.

Lastly, create a hook to attract people to your table.

This could be a bowl of candy, a prop related to your story, or an eye-catching item like a vase with peacock feathers or flowers (if space allows). Even brings her well-behaved wolfhound when possible.

Engaging with Potential Readers

Boost Book Sales

Now that you have chosen the event and set up your table, it’s time to draw people to your space.

Emphasizes the importance of being proactive and engaging with attendees throughout the book sale. Avoid sitting and looking at your phone.

Here are some approaches:

  • Smile and greet people with a friendly, “Hey, how are you doing?”
  • Ask about their reading preferences with a question like “What do you like to read?”
  • Start a conversation by saying,“Hi, have you ever wondered” and adding something related to your story or expertise.
  • Compliment someone’s interesting shirt to spark a conversation.
  • Engage parents by making babies smile and then talking to them.
  • Ask about the authors they enjoy, or if they’ve read a comparable story to yours.

It’s crucial to ask these questions genuinely, driven by curiosity or passion. Once you have their attention, deliver your story’s elevator pitch.

For example,

The pitch for “Carnival Charlatan” is, “My story is about a witch hiding in plain sight at a carnival because in a world where everything is fake, of course, magic can’t be real.”

When you have their interest, hand them your book and say, “You might want to check this out.” Placing the book in their hands increases the likelihood of a purchase. If they mention a genre you don’t cover, generously direct them to other authors in that genre. Building goodwill with potential readers will benefit future releases. Request their email address to add them to your mailing list and inform them of upcoming book releases.

While signing their book, gather their email address. Personalize your signature and include a handy phrase. Place a bookmark or business card with your contact information in every book sold.

Streamline the sales process as much as possible, including having a card reader ready for credit sales. Expect that around half of your sales will involve credit cards.


These are the tips for selling at author events. This strategy can significantly expand your reader base beyond online book marketing efforts. If you have any questions for the selfpublishondemand team, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll provide a response!

Don’t forget to optimize your author website with relevant keywords and metadata, providing clear and concise information about your book, event details, and purchasing options. Encourage attendees to leave reviews and share their experiences, enhancing your online presence and credibility. Lastly, analyze your SEO metrics and gather feedback to continuously refine your approach and ensure long-term success. By combining effective SEO practices with a compelling author presence, you can effectively Boost Book Sales at author events, connecting with readers and forging meaningful connections that will contribute to your writing journey.

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